Babysitting for the Hot Dads |Available Now|

“Babysitting for the Hot Dads” is now available to purchase! You can get your copy at any of the stores linked below. According to my publisher, it’s the 200th publication, which happens to be my debut book. That’s a cool milestone that I get to be a part of.

Also, please note that there may be a delay with my book at some stores, as other authors have experienced.

Babysitting for the Hot Dads |Coming Soon|

A while back, Indie Erotica Collective accepted “Babysitting for the Hot Dads” for a 2022 release. This is my first ebook and first publication overall. Once the book is released, I’ll post the buy links.

  • Themes:
    • Genre: erotica
    • Pairing: MMF (bisexual)
    • Characters: teen babysitter (POV), two DILFs
    • Narrative: first person, past tense
    • Language: mild, tasteful
    • HEA/HFN: yes


I’m currently writing more stories to submit to publishers, and I may even publish free stories to give readers something quick to savor. Check back soon for updates.

  • Upcoming Themes:
    • MMF: A romance titled “Two Beasts and a Beauty”
    • MMF: A young woman babysits for two sexy “gay” dads, only to find out just how mutual the attraction really is. (This is not a gay-to-bi story.)
    • MMF: College is tough, the pressure to hook up with many hot guys on campus is even tougher, and falling for two of these hot guys is the toughest experience of my life.
    • MMF or MFM: Dad’s drinking buddies are too hot not to notice. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a little company while Dad steps away for a bit.
    • MFM: A young woman is flattered that her two stepbrothers are fighting over her, and they give her a choice between the two of them. Oh, silly bros. How little they know about her by assuming she wants just one of them at the same time.
    • MF: Mom had her chance with him. He was a good man, but she wasn’t stable enough to sustain a happy relationship. A moment of comfort at his place leads to something I’ve never expected. But Mom will never approve.


MMF (male/male/female) is a popular pairing in romance and erotica stories that puts off many traditional-minded romance readers, particularly straight women who prefer MF (male/female). The ones who are against MMF probably think: why on Earth would a woman stoop so low? I’ll explain myself based on my thoughts on the subject. Your mileage may vary. By the way, there are plenty of MF readers who support MMF but just prefer to read MF out of habit or relatability. That’s totally valid, but I’m not talking about those readers.

  • Why do I write MMF?
    • Not every non-lesbian woman needs to have just one man. Sometimes, two “heads” really are better than one.
    • Not every non-lesbian woman is insecure about the two men ditching her for each other. Bisexual and pansexual men really are a thing, and the poly ones are more than capable of loving multiple people at once.
    • What fun is there if the non-lesbian woman is going to restrict the two men from loving each other, too? Relationships are a two-way street (or three-way in this case). The exception to this is when the MFM pairing involves two brothers, two cousins, or a dad and a son. Hey, a woman can love her scandalous kink to her heart’s content.
    • Love triangles are so oversaturated and often predictable. Why not mix it up and let the non-lesbian woman choose both? The endless pining over which man is better for her can get tedious, especially in the case of it being obvious which one she’ll choose. Though, when both men are equally a great catch and the choice isn’t predictable, that’s when I do appreciate traditional love triangles.
    • Plenty of non-lesbian women already find two men being intimate with each other as hot as many straight men do toward two women, but that’s just half the fun. Why not join if the men aren’t totally gay? Also, don’t get me started on the double standard of non-lesbian women being disparaged for getting turned on by two men going at it together but never the straight men toward two women. That view needs to die in a fire.

That said, I’m not entirely against writing MF romance and erotica. However, such stories probably won’t be very “safe” if I do, because the romance and erotica markets are already oversaturated with “safe” MF pairings of all heat levels (and by “safe”, I mean socially acceptable by most people in a given society). Instead, I’d make the man the following: bisexual or pansexual (because they’re worthy of straight women’s affections, too), a stepbrother or mom’s ex (former stepfather), an extremely sexy elder who isn’t all that rich, a good-hearted priest who’s tearfully questioning his future of celibacy after falling in love, an incel being mercilessly dominated by a peg-loving woman until he “sees the light” and changes his toxic views, a MILF lover (especially his mom’s best friend), or any other situation that involves some kind of social scrutiny or taboo. Those are the MF romance and erotica themes I prefer and wish to see more of (not that they don’t already exist). Another MF romance theme I’d love to see more of is asexual romance, be it no partnered sex or limited partnered sex (the man gets the woman off but not the other way around).